let's talk live event painting!  

My services are pretty simple! I primarily paint weddings but have done a variety of other events as well. As far as wedding go.. prior to your big day we’ll chat about any specific preferences you may have for your panting. You’ll choose what size canvas as well as whether you want  your ceremony or your reception painted (i’m always willing to give my suggestion based on the aesthetics of both spaces). 

For ceremonies, I will arrive at the venue 2-3 hours early to set up my easel and paints. I like to have most of the background elements completed before guests start arriving to ensure that your painting is close to completion when I leave. Depending on the length of your ceremony it is likely that there will be un-finished elements that will be completed post wedding in my studio. 

If I paint your reception, I will arrive 1-2 hours in advance to set up and sketch out a loose composition. As people start arriving, I will begin developing more detail of the entire atmosphere from guests, tables and chairs, chandeliers etc. Typically, I paint the bride and groom dancing their first dance together as husband and wife, but please feel free to request a different posture painted. Every painting is different, achieved in response to the atmosphere!

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